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Main Areas Of Expertise

COMMERCIAL MIRROR AND GLASS is your one stop glass and mirror store for all your Mirror & Glass needs. Whether you require double glazing, glass repairs, or glass for your table tops or balustrades, we have you covered. We have a range of accessories – shelf supports, sliding door hardware, shower door parts, heavy glass fittings, cabinet door hardware, and much, much more.

Our Clear Shield glass protectant can only be applied to new glass but the Diamond Seal line of products can restore your existing glass to almost new.

Custom showcases for retail, transaction doors and residential cabinets/curios.

Glass Repairs Christchurch Wide

If you have a broken or aging glass doors or windows in your home, call us right away! We provide same-day or next day glass repairs or replacements, depending on the circumstances.

Table Tops, Balustrades & More

We also fabricate table tops and other glass pieces for commercial and residential use.

Shop Mirrors & Bathroom Mirrors Christchurch Wide

Commercial Mirror & Glass also provide shop mirrors, bathroom mirrors and more.

Adding quality mirrors to your bathroom is a great way to enhance the space. Our bathroom mirrors are the finest in Christchurch and will be sure to create the illusion of space and brighten up the room. Whether your interior is contemporary, traditional, or something in between, we have the perfect mirror for you.

Create the appearance of space and add depth to any room with our high-quality bathroom mirrors.

Double Glazing Christchurch Wide

Make your home warmer, drier and quieter with double glazing. Here at Mirror and Glass, we are committed to providing a double glazing solution tailored to your specific requirements. Double glazing has a range of benefits, which will help improve your overall quality of living.

It helps keep your home warm during the colder months and significantly reduces the effects of condensation. Double glazing also provides sound insulation, reducing the noise from outside for a more peaceful home. There are different types of edgework that can be used to give the glass a different look.

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