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Here at Mirror and Glass, we are dedicated to providing a double glazing solution customised to your specific requirements.

Double glazing boasts a variety of benefits, which improve your overall quality of life:


Better Insulation

Firstly, it helps keep your home warm during the winter months. Double glazing helps insulate your home to keep the cold temperatures outside from affecting the inside temperature. It also prevents heat loss, helping you save money on heating.


Control Condensation

Double glazing is also a smart way to reduce condensation. Condensation can be a danger to the health of your property, as it can cause mold and mildew. By choosing our high performing double glazing, you can significantly reduce the effects of condensation in your home.


Noise Reduction

Unwanted noise from outside your home can negatively impact your quality of life. Fortunately, double glazing provides sound insulation, reducing the noise from outside. If outside noise is a causing you grief, choose our double glazing services for a quieter home.


Reduce UV Light

UV light can not only cause skin damage in people, but it also fades furniture and carpets. Double glazing reduces the amount of UV light getting inside, helping to protect the value of your home and furniture.


Improved Security

Old windows allow intruders to break in easily. Double glazing is much more difficult to break than single glass. Double glazed glass has multiple layers to prevent breaking and entering. By double glazing your windows, you can keep your family safer from intruders.


For quality double glazing Christchurch wide, contact Mirror and Glass today.